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We are a company  with over a twenty years of experience.

You know us as a reliable and professional supplier of o longitudinal, seam welded, spiral welded and seamless pipes. They are used as boiler pipes, drill pipes, piling pipes, cable protection pipes and construction pipes and for laying infrastructure by building enterprises, stable builders and ship builders, etc.

 We store the tubes in three warehouses in Europe:

Furthermore, starting a production line to manufacture seamed structural tubes according to PN EN 10219 with a diameter of Ø610 to Ø2820 mm is an asset and aim of our development strategy. Structural tubes are manufactured by us to meet customer’s specific and non-standard needs.

The biggest diameter made by us was Ø2800 mm. We permanently extend our range of metallurgic products, trying to meet our customers’ needs. Our long experience translates into a high quality of customer service. Our aim is to perform the tasks we are entrusted with in a comprehensive way.