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Tubes are manufactured from killed non-alloyed and low-alloyed basic and quality steel in accordance with the requirements of standard DIN EN 10219
or according to the agreed technical delivery conditions.


 The lengths of delivered tubes are as follows:

• the lengths of tube sections without circumferential welds up to 5000 mm,

• up to a diameter of 1016 mm tubes are manufactured from one metal sheet (up to 5000 mm long modules with one longitudinal weld).

 All diameters over 1016 mm are manufactured:                                                                                                                                GALLERY PRODUCTION

• up to 3000 mm long modules from one sheet (one longitudinal weld),                                                            

• over 3000 mm long modules from two or three metal sheets (two or three longitudinal welds).

 If agreed, we can deliver tubes of lengths being multiples of modules 1.5; 2.0; 3.0; 5.0 (running metres) or of precise lengths.

Tubes are delivered with ends having straight or bevelled butting faces.

Butting faces are bevelled in such a way that a sill of a height of 0 up to 3.0 mm is left.                         



Metal plates used are from 5 to 22 mm thick.

Weld leaktightness tests are carried out by the penetration, ultrasound or magnetic method.

 A PROCESSING LINE to manufacture seamed tubes according to standard DIN EN 10219 with a diameter of Ø610 ÷ Ø2020 mm.


1. Metal plate stock.

2. Workstands to cut out production sizes.

3. Workstand to bevel metal plates before rolling, metal plate bevelling up to 7 m.

4. Four-high mill with 5 m long rollers.

5. Preliminary welding point before circumferential welds.

6. Automatic welding machine for longitudinal and circumferential welding.